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Farm Mix

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Our widely used fuel in agriculture, our diesel powers tractors and other machinery. The quality is often measured by cetane number, indicating combustion efficiency, with higher values reflecting better ignition quality.

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Biodiesel (B20)

A blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% conventional diesel. Enhances lubricity, reduces emissions, and is often derived from renewable sources like soybean oil. The 20% ratio represents the biodiesel content.

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Ethanol (E10)

Our most common fuel in agricultural blends, E10 contains 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline. Our Ethanol is typically derived from corn improves octane ratings and reduces greenhouse gas emissions overall.



Used in propane-powered engines for farming equipment. It is our clean-burning alternative, and our propane’s quality is often associated with its energy content, measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per gallon.

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Used as a fuel additive or as an alternative fuel in some instances. The quality of our methanol is determined by purity and is often measured in percentage terms, with higher purity indicating a cleaner fuel.

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Natural Gas (CNG)

Our Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is used in farm vehicles and equipment. The quality is associated with its methane content, typically ranging from 85% to 98%, with higher methane percentages representing cleaner combustion.

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Sustainable Blend

Experience the power of sustainable blend, where nature meets innovation. Our process harmoniously blends renewable resources, creating a fuel solution that empowers agriculture with efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility.


Sustainable Synthesis


Green Formulation


Eco Blending