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Fueling Progress


Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)

This is the most straightforward form of ammonia fuel. It is a colorless gas that can be compressed and stored for use in combustion engines.

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Ammonia in Liquid Form

Ammonia can be liquefied under moderate pressure or low temperature, making it easier to transport and handle. Liquid ammonia is a potential fuel for certain applications.


Ammonia as a Hydrogen Carrier

Ammonia can be used as a carrier of hydrogen, which can be extracted and used for various applications, including fuel cells. The process involves using a catalyst to release hydrogen from the ammonia.


Ammonia Borane (NH3BH3)

This is a chemical compound that releases hydrogen upon decomposition. It’s considered a source of hydrogen for fuel cells and other hydrogen-based applications.


Green Ammonia

Produced using renewable energy sources, green ammonia is an environmentally friendly alternative. It involves using renewable energy in the Haber-Bosch process for ammonia synthesis.

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Ammonia as a Marine Fuel

Ammonia is being explored as a potential fuel for maritime transport. It can be used in internal combustion engines or fuel cells to power ships.

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Clean Energy

Explore our varied ammonia fuels, revolutionizing global energy with eco-friendly solutions for a cleaner, sustainable future. The development and adoption of different forms of ammonia as a fuel are ongoing, and research is being conducted to optimize their efficiency, safety, and environmental impact.


Zero Emissions


Renewable Source