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Gas Station, C-Store, and EV Project Financing

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Tailored Financial Solutions

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No Personal Guarantee

Unlock the potential of your business with our 100% No Personal Guarantee financing option! Secure the funding you need without risking your assets.


Flexible Terms

Experience financial flexibility like never before with eFlow Capital’s flexible repayment terms. Tailored to fit the unique cash flow needs of your business. 

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Line of Credit

Unlock financial flexibility with our Business Line of Credit. Access funds on-demand to seize opportunities and manage your business cash flow with ease. 

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Bridge Loans

Our Bridge Loans for energy companies offer a remarkable 99.9% approval rate, ensuring swift financial support for success.

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Working Capital

Elevate your business with our Working Capital solutions, providing essential financial support for growth and success


Equipment Loans

Fuel your progress with our specialized Oil, Gas and Green Equipment Loans. Empowering your industry advancements with tailored financial solutions.

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Gas Station/C-Store

Secure swift financing for your Gas Station and C-Store with our fast loan options, boasting an impressive 99.9% approval rate.

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(EV) Charging Stations

Hassle-free financing for EV Charging Station projects. We make it easy to power up your business with tailored financial solutions.


Same Day Funding

Access capital swiftly with our Same Day Funding. Get the financial support you need, when you need it, ensuring your business stays on track.


Capital Purchases

Elevate your business with our Capital Purchase solutions, securing the resources you need for lasting success. Gain a competitive edge now.

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Project Financing 

Power your oil, gas and green projects with tailored financing solutions. Achieve success through our specialized Project Financing.


Equity Funding

Ignite your startup with tailored Equity Funding. Fuel your vision and propel success within your sector. Turn your innovative ideas into reality.

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Quick, Easy, Trusted

Take your business to new heights with eFlow Capital’s swift financing solutions tailored for purchasing and expanding ventures. Whether you’re looking to build, buy, or upgrade, we’ve got you covered. Our ongoing commitment to quick approvals and seamless funding ensures that you can seize opportunities and propel your growth trajectory without delay. Don’t let financing obstacles hinder your expansion plans – apply now with eFlow Capital and unlock the resources you need to thrive. Ready to take the next step? Apply Now to get started with your financing solutions today!







Funding Amount: $2,500,000

Receiving $2.5 million in funding from eFlow Capital was pivotal for SunWave Solar Innovations. This capital enabled us to expedite the development of our solar panel manufacturing facility. The process was smooth, and the team provided exceptional support, making it easy for us to focus on expanding our business. With this financial backing, we’re now set to revolutionize solar energy production and make a significant impact on the market.

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David Kim. CEO

SunWave Solar Innovations

Funding Amount: $3,000,000

Securing $3 million in funding from eFlow Capital enabled FlyFuel Stations to roll out our new line of eco-friendly fuel stations. The capital was used to integrate renewable energy sources, install advanced payment systems, and enhance our customer service facilities. eFlow Capital’s tailored financing solutions and expert advice were pivotal in bringing our vision to life. Thanks to their support, we have successfully launched a unique retail fuel station model that promotes sustainability.

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Laura Williams. President

FlyFuel Stations

Funding Amount: $4,200,000

With a $3.2 million loan from eFlow Capital, Dani Fuel & Mart was able to open three new fuel stations in key locations. The funding allowed us to purchase land, construct state-of-the-art facilities, and install the latest fuel dispensing equipment. eFlow Capital’s flexible repayment terms and comprehensive support made it possible for us to grow without straining our cash flow. Their partnership has been crucial in our efforts to provide top-quality service and expand our business. 

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Aadish Dani. Owner

Dani Fuel & Mart

Funding Amount: $2,000,000

Securing $2 million in equity funding through eFlow Capital was a game-changer for GreenWave Energy Solutions. This capital infusion allowed us to complete our solar farm project, which now generates clean energy for over 1,000 homes. The process was seamless, and the team at eFlow Capital  provided exceptional support and guidance. Thanks to their tailored funding solutions, we’re now positioned for continued growth and innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Vector symbol of green energy.  Circular natural element with leaf and hand. Nature icon. - illustration

Sarah Thompson. CEO

GreenWave Energy Solutions

Funding Amount: $3,000,000

eFlow Capital $3 million cash advance empowered FutureFuel Bioenergy to scale our biofuel production facility. The upfront cash allowed us to purchase essential equipment and streamline our operations, significantly increasing our production capacity. The security and flexibility offered by eFlow Capital financing provided us with the confidence to take bold steps in the bioenergy industry. Their expertise and dedication to our success have been instrumental in our journey.

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Linda Garcia. COO

FutureFuel Bioenergy

Funding Amount: $2,200,000

The $2.2 million funding from eFlow Capital was essential for BlueSky Geothermal Energy to complete our flagship geothermal plant. The capital injection allowed us to install state-of-the-art equipment and optimize our operations. eFlow Capital’s straightforward and supportive approach made the funding process efficient, enabling us to focus on delivering sustainable energy solutions. Their partnership has been invaluable for a greener future.

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John Martinez. President

BlueSky Geothermal Energy

Funding Amount: $2,500,000

eFlow Capital provided FuelXpress Convenience Stores with a $2.5 million funding package that transformed our operations. The funds were utilized to renovate our retail fuel stations, upgrade our fueling technology, and enhance our convenience store offerings. This financial support was instrumental in modernizing our facilities and improving customer experience. The flexible terms and expert guidance from eFlow Capital made the entire process seamless, and we are now better positioned to increase our market share.

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Sabryna Grant. CEO

FuelXpress Convenience Stores

Funding Amount: $1,500,000

With a $1.5 million bridge loan from eFlow Capital, we successfully launched our cutting-edge wind turbine technology. The funds were critical in the final development and deployment stages, enabling us to secure key contracts and expand our market reach. The flexible repayment terms and the absence of a personal guarantee made the financing option incredibly attractive and practical for our needs. eFlow Capital has been an invaluable partner in driving our mission. We look forward to continued growth and support.

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Michael Roberts. Founder & CTO

EcoTech Innovations

Funding Amount: $1,800,000

Thanks to eFlow Capital and their $1.8 million funding, PowerGrid Technologies was able to enhance our smart grid solutions. The financing allowed us to invest in advanced R&D and expand our service offerings, leading to significant technological advancements. eFlow Capital flexible financing terms and expert guidance were crucial in achieving our milestones and positioning us as leaders in the smart grid industry. We are excited about the future innovations and growth opportunities this partnership will bring.

Circle Globe Global Logo

Emily Carter. CFO

PowerGrid Technologies