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Clean Power


GreenFuel Blend (GFB-21)

A revolutionary blend utilizing advanced catalytic converters to achieve optimal combustion, resulting in a substantial reduction in NOx

high performance

High-Efficiency M100 (HEM-22)

Our proprietary M100 formulation enhanced with nano-catalysts, ensuring superior fuel atomization and combustion efficiency, leading to increased engine performance.


Ultra-Low Sulfur M80 (ULS-23)

Engineered for compliance with the latest environmental regulations, ULS-23 boasts an ultra-low sulfur content and advanced filtration technology for minimal impact on marine ecosystems.


OceanGuard Plus (OGP-24)

Featuring a state-of-the-art corrosion inhibitor package, OGP-24 provides extended protection against rust and corrosion, particularly in challenging maritime environments.


ArcticMax Blend (AMB-25)

Engineered for extreme cold conditions, AMB-25 incorporates cutting-edge cold-flow improvers and anti-gel agents, ensuring optimal fuel stability and performance in icy waters.

eco friendly

EcoBoost M90 (EBM-26)

Utilizing advanced fuel additive technology, EBM-26 maximizes combustion efficiency, promoting fuel economy while minimizing emissions, aligning with the latest trends in eco-friendly marine fuel solutions.

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Sustainable Powerhouse

Elevate your maritime operations with our Methanol Marine Fuel, setting the standard for sustainability and performance. We guarantee 100% satisfaction through top-notch service and worldwide delivery commitment, ensuring your vessel stays powered wherever it sails.




Green Propulsion


Carbon Neutral