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Embarking on a strategic initiative, we are driving forward with ambitious Development Drilling projects in key states—Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Louisiana's Haynesville Shale. Our focus on these prolific regions underscores our commitment to unlocking untapped potential, maximizing returns, and contributing to the dynamic landscape of the oil and gas industry

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Diving into new frontiers, our Exploratory Drilling ventures are pushing boundaries in strategic states like Texas, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico. Our code-named projects, 'PioneerQuest' and 'HorizonProspect,' are poised to deliver groundbreaking results, aiming to achieve over 10,000 barrels per day collectively. This bold approach represents our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the oil and gas industry.

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Fueling success in the heart of the industry, our Oilfield Services extend across key states like Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. From drilling and well completions to maintenance and logistics, we deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to businesses' unique needs. With a focus on efficiency and affordability, our Oilfield Services redefine industry standards, providing a strategic advantage for your energy ventures.

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Fueling the future with global partnerships, our LNG Terminals operation spans multiple countries, ensuring a seamless supply chain. Looking ahead, we're charting an ambitious course to establish our LNG production and export terminal in Louisiana within the next 3-5 years. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we gear up to raise funds for this transformative project starting in 2025. Explore additional information on our investor portal for comprehensive details.

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During our well workovers, we carefully manage and carry out projects on our proprietary wells. Our dedicated team ensures precision and efficiency in every well workover, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and industry-leading practices. Our goals are optimize production and enhance the performance of our wells, showcasing our commitment to excellence in every aspect of well operations.

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We elevate our logistical capabilities with our Tank Storage Logistics & Tank Terminals global network. We can seamlessly store oils, chemicals, and gases with precision at our 13,000+ partner terminal facilities worldwide, ensuring swift and secure product storage. We trust in our independent storage partners to meet our global storage needs.

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Experience the pinnacle of well plugging precision with our dedicated operations strategically positioned in key states and locations. Our well plugging services not only cater to our business needs but also extend to other companies seeking unparalleled solutions. As part of our visionary growth plan, we're set to expand our services by acquiring well-plugging businesses. This strategic move will empower us to retire more wells, scale our internal well-plugging program, and open avenues for additional third-party revenues through collaborations with other operators and state agencies.

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Fueling success with our Gas Processing Plant network, we're boosting gas processing abilities and expanding strategically worldwide. Look forward to exciting developments, like our new Texas Gas Processing Plant in 2025, bringing better returns and equity for our valued investors. Check our investor portal for more details.

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We are passionately committed to leading the charge in CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage) development. Collaborating closely with esteemed partners within the UN Climate Change Conference, our future plans are geared towards pioneering innovative solutions that will redefine the landscape of sustainable energy. Together, we are dedicated to making a lasting impact on the fight against climate change, creating a future where carbon is captured, utilized, and stored for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

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Pioneering the future of the oil and gas industry, we're at the forefront of technology development. From AI and trading bots for oil futures to cutting-edge fuel storage technology, we're committed to continuous innovation. Anticipate a dynamic landscape as we propel the industry forward through groundbreaking oil and gas technology.