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Custom Shields

delivery insurance

Comprehensive Cargo Protection

Coverage Explanation: Safeguarding your cargo against unforeseen events, ensuring financial protection for valuable shipments during transportation.

oil spill

Hull and Machinery Security

Coverage Explanation: Providing coverage for physical damage to the tanker vessel’s hull and machinery, minimizing financial risks associated with accidents or malfunctions.


Liability Shield

Coverage Explanation: Protecting owners and operators from potential legal liabilities, including third-party claims arising from accidents, spills, or collisions.

waste water

Pollution Control Coverage

Coverage Explanation: Offering financial support for cleanup costs and environmental damage in the event of accidental oil spills or pollution incidents.

medical insurance

Crew and Personal Injury Insurance

Coverage Explanation: Ensuring the well-being of crew members by providing coverage for medical expenses and financial support in the case of injuries or accidents on board.

emergency call

Emergency Response Readiness

Coverage Explanation: Preparing for the unexpected, this option provides financial support and resources for rapid response and mitigation in case of emergency situations at sea.

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Instant Protection

Signing up for our Tanker Vessel Insurance is a breeze. Once you initiate the process, our efficient enrollment system ensures a swift and seamless experience. With our commitment to quick processing, your coverage is activated almost instantly, providing immediate peace of mind for your maritime operations. Enroll today and navigate the seas with confidence!






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